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Artificial Intelligence accessible to all

AI that generates dynamic prices for E-Commerce and Retail, with predictive indicators for Mining and the Environment

You can save up to 70% on licensing compared to other available tools

We present to you the tools and their functionalities in a completely FREE POC

We are a partner of Accéder, Canada, developer of the AI

Automation with AI

Not sure if you can Automate with AI? 

Automation of AI models

With the ™ Service tool, you can automate the execution of all your AI models in production, to generate predictions and results automatically.

Dynamic Pricing AI

Dynamic Pricing in your E-Commerce – Retail platform offers almost instant results. You can change prices in minutes based on real-time data and maximize profits.

Predictive BI

With ™ you can generate predictive layers automatically, using data from your current BI platform (Power BI, Tableau, among others).

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