RPA TECNOZERO, your best option

Control and security of your data with RPA

  • Secure and on-time payments
  • Stock under control
  • End of delays and losses

We help companies to question and improve their processes

With Robotic Process Automation -RPA- and Artificial Intelligence -AI- you improve controls, security and predictions substantially

International environments

We deploy our consultancies inside and outside of Chile. We speak, write and listen fluently in 3 languages.

Automatización Robótica de Procesos RPA Chile y Exterior

Innovation for your processes

RPA and AI greatly speed up your company’s processes and tasks so that you “squeeze” your data in a secure and controlled manner.

Your satisfied customers

Companies that lead the changes, focus their focus on the customer. With AI and RPA you respond quickly to their changing demands.

Our company was selected from the Coquimbo Region to receive this distinction that fills us with pride


16 companies led by women, one for each region of the country, were awarded in the first edition of the Mujer Exporta Distinction, organized by ProChile at the La Moneda Cultural Center, in a ceremony held on December 1, 2022.

We dedicate this distinction to all the women of the Coquimbo region, who strive every day to develop their talents and best efforts to get ahead for themselves and their families.

Ester Sila Guzmán, our Director of Administration and Finance, a shareholder of Tecnozero SpA, received this Distinction at the Palacio de La Moneda. You can see the complete news in PROCHILE.

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Calm customers controlling their processes with RPA and IA Tecnozero

RPA Treasury payments and Massive Data Migration

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AI in Logistics, Stock, increase profit margin

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Check out 😏 this RPA robot example and everything you can do with AI

RPA robot for online listing 🧐

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In which processes can I use RPA and AI? 🤔

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Tecnozero Commitments

Respectful with the environment, sustainability and people

We are aware that there is no planet B and the way in which goods and services are produced has a direct impact on our planet, which we all must take care of.

98% of the electrical energy we use in La Serena is from renewable sources.

We contribute to the reduction of waste in all processes.

We encourage the companies that hire us to improve inclusion in their processes.

We are a Trusted Partner

We have the enormous pleasure and privilege of being official representatives for all of Chile and abroad of the following companies

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Face them with RPA and Artificial Intelligence

New challenges?

  • End of delays and losses
  • Secure and on-time payments
  • Stock under control

TECNOZERO, Your Best Option in Chile and Abroad

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